Farriers [noun]

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In one of the old cases a horse was sent to a farrier to be cured and was burnt before a cure was completely effected.

In all my life I never heard a conversation resembling that of the farrier and the rest in the remotest degree.

About twelve o'clock we decided that the farrier was not coming, and the neighbour went home and I went to bed.

Just as I got sound asleep the household was aroused by shrill whistling, and I got up to find that the farrier had come.

While the farrier was mixing another dose—he had approved of the one I had given—I enquired cautiously about her ailment.

The farrier agreed that that had probably started the trouble, and I felt somewhat disgusted with myself.

Petuléngro, farrier, the esoteric Romany name of the Smith family.

In this village there is an old Spaniard who keeps a tambo, and at the same time exercises the calling of a farrier.

One of their number, a farrier, was wounded, and Wheeler coming up to him began a conversation.

The farrier demanded an ounce of gold for the operation, which decided Borrow to perform it himself.