Farsighted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Farsighted:

Philopœmen was farsighted enough to see from the beginning that the Roman alliance would prove bad for Greece.

The farsighted Indian had destroyed the trail made by the one who lived as he had crept from the scene.

Does he not consider them as farsighted and energetic as the others he has pompously mentioned with such childish illusion.

The eyeball of a farsighted person is very short, and the retina is too close to the crystalline lens.

Farsighted, purposeful Germany fought four and a half years upon the strength of great power plants run by the snows of the Alps.

Early distaste for reading is often acquired by farsighted persons, owing to the strain on the accommodative apparatus.

In this case the eye is made farsighted or hyperopic in one meridian, and is normal in the other.

They could not then see how wise, how farsighted, how inevitable Roosevelt's decision was.

Are you farsighted, nearsighted, or neither, just good-sighted?

In the Northwest also, the State-builders of that day were equally farsighted in patriotic provision for the future.