Farther [adverb]

Definition of Farther:

at a greater distance

Synonyms of Farther:

Opposite/Antonyms of Farther:


Sentence/Example of Farther:

Of course, our original snowfall prediction made Tuesday, was farther off in many areas.

I nearly always use the oven’s top rack when broiling, because the farther the food is from the heat, the more I start to wonder why I didn’t just bake instead.

As the first wave exits off the coast, the front would probably sink a little farther to the south, putting the area deeper in the cold air.

That’s because farther-out planets probably formed where it’s cold, and there was more low-density material like frozen water, rather than rock, to begin with.

Fairfax County is offering free transportation to vaccination sites for some residents who live farther away.

Photos of men and ties and suits appear close together, while photos of women appear farther apart.

A shot closer to the basket is more likely to go in than one farther away.

With each attempt, it will try to go a little higher and farther.

Genomic surveillance also allows researchers to track the origins of variants and learn how infectious they are as they spread farther and cause outbreaks.

The deeper in you go, the farther upstream you get and the less crowded it is.