Fascicles [noun]

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All the species of this section, except P. Nelsonii, have deciduous fascicle-sheaths.

The measures in use were of a very primitive description, chiefly the fascicle and the pugil.

The luminous fascicle emanating from the source reflected by the mirror is thrown vertically.

The fascicle, at a distance of about fifty feet, meets a white balloon which it renders visible from every point in the horizon.

The collar with a dark area ventrad and also dorsad of the fascicle.

The cross-section of a cotyledon is, therefore, a triangle whose angles vary with the number composing the fascicle.

This bud contains both fascicle-buds, destined for secondary leaves, and larger paler buds at its base.

Since the leaf-fascicle is cylindrical, the cross-section of a leaf is a sector, its proportional part, of a circle.

Theoretically the leaf, in section, should indicate the number of leaves composing its fascicle.

Inasmuch as these three species are easily recognized, the fascicle-sheath is useful for sectional distinctions.