Fascinated [adjective]

Definition of Fascinated:

captivated, spellbound

Opposite/Antonyms of Fascinated:

Sentence/Example of Fascinated:

The authors of the study don’t yet know if it is possible to create the ideal calcium environment in the brain for sleep or to control how much sleep people need, but these are questions that fascinate sleep researchers.

I knew I wanted to study psychology because I was just fascinated by human behavior.

A keen brewer and fermenter, Merlin is fascinated by the relationships that arise between humans and more-than-human organisms.

In her youth, though fascinated, she dared not wear cowries, for they were seen as demonic objects that linked men to spirits.

Tuomas Sandholm, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, is not a poker player—or much of a poker fan, in fact—but he is fascinated by the game for much the same reason as the great game theorist John von Neumann before him.

American media has long projected its news and culture to a fascinated global audience.

Still, gambling seemed to be made particularly fascinating here, and he wanted to be fascinated, wanted it badly.

Something in her eyes attracted and fascinated, and at the same time troubled Mr. Mason, he scarcely knew why.

She was fascinated by this aptitude, but presently she was still more fascinated by the subtle use that he was making of it.

Once upon a time she had fascinated Worse when he was a mate, during a certain boating excursion by moonlight.