Fascinates [verb]

Definition of Fascinates:

captivate, hold spellbound

Synonyms of Fascinates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fascinates:

Sentence/Example of Fascinates:

Her conversation with Prospero, and immediately afterwards with Ferdinand, who fascinates her, and with whom she falls in love.

This work fascinates children, and as the stars are adhesive, it can be done in class with very little trouble.

Raphael enraptures and captivates, while Michael Angelo fascinates and overwhelms.

I don't like it as well as the other kind, though it fascinates me.

Fascinates the mind like the gathering and bursting of a storm.

There is something about the kaleidoscope of her moods and the inconsistencies of her biography that fascinates us.

Not all those venturesome things at once; but, Phil, I'm ashamed to confess that ring simply fascinates me.

Aesthetically this hair fascinates me; it is an exhilarating delight whenever I meet it.

We do not need this book to learn that female beauty without brains fascinates the ordinary man.

The thought is hideous, hateful, horrible, and therefore it fascinates him.