Fascism [noun]

Definition of Fascism:

political system of dictatorship

Synonyms of Fascism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fascism:

Sentence/Example of Fascism:

The “them” was antifa, a loose-knit movement of sometimes violent activists focused on combating perceived fascism and racism.

It was based on a desire to dismantle the evils of fascism, capitalism, imperialism and racism.

Franco is a fascist, and today fascism must triumph all over the world or be crushed forever.

It can grow and bring in the era of economic democracy, or it can falter and give way to fascism.

A Nazi bund to direct this propaganda was organized secretly because of the government's unfriendly attitude toward fascism.

First, she offered scholarships, with all expenses paid, for Nicaraguan students to study fascism in Italy.

The Double V campaign against fascism abroad and racism at home achieved considerably less than the activists had hoped.

Just because Fascism and Communism were once forced on reluctant populations, you think this holds true for all time.

It does not surprise us that the logic of fascism ends in death.

At first glance, the feudal nature of fascism seems unimportant.