Fascists [noun]

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Though he probably cannot name the political theory he has embraced, his own recklessness, vanity and authoritarian instincts have led him down fascist grooves.

The fact that calling out a fascist and being a fascist are put on the same platform or the same plane is incredibly upsetting.

The Mods were, album after album, year after year, grumbling into the void about fascists and hypocrites both.

Created during comics’ Golden Age, Cap was one of the earliest Marvel heroes — and one of the most explicitly anti-fascist.

Twitter is simply cracking down on conservatives, abusing its platform, breaching contracts, tortious interfering with businesses, and engaging in fascist suppression of truth and speech.

As noted by Twitter user Respectable Lawyer, though, the reason the photo of those people is on the website isn’t that they are antifa, but that they were believed to be fascists.

Days later, during the April earnings call for that impressive first quarter, Musk shocked an audience of investors and analysts by describing California’s lockdown orders as “fascist,” which sounds even worse 300,000 dead Americans later.

Disappointing to hear that it took an actual fascist for you to understand that.

I mean, we could have a president who is like a declared fascist who still didn’t accomplish very much.

It had happened in Burgos, in April of 1938, during a review of the 12th Division of the fascist army.