Fashioned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fashioned:

Some one had gathered orange and lemon branches, and with these fashioned graceful festoons between.

People have not only ceased to purchase those old-fashioned things called books, but even to read them!

Our luggage, I remember, p. 5was carried on the roof of the carriage in the good old-fashioned coaching style.

The portmanteau was the sign of youth and progress; old-fashioned people stuck to the carpet bag.

Many of them however are of rude workmanship and might have been fashioned by some of the tribe unacquainted with pipe-making.

The road led to an old fashioned, high gabled farm-house at the foot of the hill; the only tenement visible from that lonely spot.

Dorothy, already out of hearing, had vanished into the old-fashioned house at the bottom of the hill.

And it cannot do this unless it continues to use the terrific engine of taxation already fashioned in the war.

On the roads horses in old-fashioned buggies danced at automobiles whizzing by.

Whether the drills are worked by compressed air, or by hand in the old-fashioned way, the effect is the same.