Fastest [adjective]

Definition of Fastest:


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Sentence/Example of Fastest:

His drill-like nose, his powerful fore-legs and big, strong feet all served to make him the fastest digger in Pleasant Valley.

For the prize in the 5-ton class three put in an appearance, all the fastest racing yachts of the year.

The other scout went off at the fastest gallop of his steed, and soon disappeared beyond a turn in the road.

He at once sent four of his fastest ships to get to windward of them, and attack their rear.

But Lachlan, the horse I wished to leave, was the fastest of the four and kept ahead.

Although Twinkleheels ran his fastest, Ebenezer reached the bars six good lengths ahead of him.

Why,” replied he, “that one that takes such long jumps; he is the fastest, to be sure.

Father says he is going to offer a prize for the fastest walker that can be bred in New Hampshire.

Taking the fastest horse, and a small store of food, he rode on alone, hoping to catch the party.

With the ground at its heaviest, the small field has to gallop its fastest to keep the flying pack in sight.