Fastidious [adjective]

Definition of Fastidious:

very careful, meticulous

Synonyms of Fastidious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fastidious:

Sentence/Example of Fastidious:

Similarly, as Chattman points out, you should be fastidious about making sure your bowls are completely clear of oil or other grease, as those fats can cause the same issue.

So that fastidious snuff-takers may dismiss this bugbear at once and forever.

It is one of the finest burning tobaccos in the world, and does not fail to suit the taste of the most fastidious of smokers.

Had she, so observant, so discerning in her fastidious taste—had she failed to notice the small detail too?

There are a great many obscene minds, yet more railing and satirical, but very few fastidious ones.

He was slow and fastidious in composition, and the poem suffered from over-elaboration.

We have a very conservative, fastidious, and sophisticated constituency; and this is one of the limitations by which we are bound.

They say we are rude and vulgar; but Mr. McKinley was as courteous and as gentle as the most fastidious could wish.

Without congeniality there cannot be much influence, at least not in the case of so exclusive and fastidious a nature as Chopin's.

June was certainly a pretty enough girl for even a fastidious young man to be seen about with.