Fastidiousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fastidiousness:

O’Brien was said by colleagues to have been a fastidious dresser and smooth talker.

Lacking this excluded multitude his fastidiousness would have no subject, and his singularity no contrast.

But in addition to the fact that he finds no deer, he is a good deal of trouble from the fastidiousness of his appetite.

One can understand, of course, how an unreasonable and troublesome fastidiousness might be shown regarding travellers' tales.

She told herself that his fastidiousness shrank from any but a "light touch," and that hers had not been light enough.

She retraced her steps, putting down her feet with the delicate fastidiousness of a cat in order not to tread on a flower.

In those days I am afraid I did not discriminate very justly between refinement of taste and self-indulgent fastidiousness.

Though never canonised himself, Old Jolyon's natural fastidiousness and balance had saved him from the errors of the vulgar.

Perhaps no author has more playfully defended himself from the incertitude of criticism and the fastidiousness of critics.

For this reason we are unable to understand Dr. Farrar's fastidiousness.