Fatalism [noun]

Definition of Fatalism:

resignation to a fate

Synonyms of Fatalism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fatalism:


Sentence/Example of Fatalism:

It had had, he owned, its temporary value, as the necessary rebellion against fatalism and immobility and privilege.

Jarvis discarded his fatalism, as he caught at this loophole.

No fatalism is long proof against the call of love and June.

"The roses of Konopisht," he muttered, thinking of Marishka's fatalism.

He is accused of a leaning to fatalism, which he heartily denied, but which seems to follow from his logical conclusions.

In war as elsewhere he was absorbed by a fatalism, such as Mohammedans sum up when they say "What is to be, will be."

In this way Ibn Ezra endeavors to reconcile natural law (or astrological fatalism) with the ethical purpose of divine providence.

A sort of buoyant fatalism possessed me as I finished my notes and pored over the stove.

Unsanitary houses are the results of careless housekeeping, usually a product of apathetic fatalism.

Dirty markets have been so long tolerated because women buyers carried the same fatalism to the stalls—“what is, has to be.”