Fatherland [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fatherland:

As he said, when he made his speech from the balcony, he hoped that German swords should only be drawn to protect the fatherland.

For it might happen even to a vicious man to save his fatherland, or to feel pleasure in seeing it saved by some690 other.

"That is merely my official conception of my obligation to the Fatherland," he said quietly.

A musician would sing an air, and a quiet German would be led to speak of his life in the Fatherland.

And, Trim, he is a brave soldier; you see he has fought for his fatherland and has been sorely wounded.

We need new countries where these may develop, and at once ease and strengthen our fatherland.

Wouldn't it be better for you to stay, put on a uniform, take up a rifle and fight for our Kaiser and Fatherland?

Dear fatherland, no danger thine, Firm stand thy sons to watch the Rhine!

The fatherland, they said, had no need of men who allowed themselves to be taken arms in hand.

Would that he and his tribe had never left the Fatherland, if they will not become Americanized!