Fatherly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Fatherly:

He was quite fatherly to me and took a great deal of trouble in teaching me my work.

In me he always showed a fatherly interest, and sometimes chided me for talking too freely and writing too much.

Was not this a blasphemy against the fatherly goodness of the Creator,—a base desertion of the cause of the disinherited?

President de Thou paid his godson a visit during which he showed himself most fatherly.

"I shall consider it no trouble at all, my dear child," he returned, giving her a fatherly smile.

Those of the master are full of fatherly affection and advice, those of the pupil full of filial devotion and reverence.

All that a master can teach, and that can be learned from his example, was to be obtained from this kind and fatherly instructor.

My attentions to him had not passed unnoticed, and he was kind, fatherly, and unreserved.

The too fatherly "frat seniors" did all that Fred said they would, and more.

We told him not to worry; the Davis boys were many and we would repay him for the fatherly care he had given us.