Fathers [noun]

Definition of Fathers:

male person who begets children

Synonyms of Fathers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fathers:

Sentence/Example of Fathers:

“I think that Joe Biden will be the person to protect Anthony and those with preexisting conditions,” the father says.

Six unknowing months before the start of the Great Depression, my father arrived.

While DeFazio and other lawmakers haven’t called for a permanent grounding of the jet, the father of a woman who died in the Ethiopia crash said the report raised questions about the plane’s return to service.

I have been yelled at basically my entire life, from my father, my family, to high school.

Anthony Mallott said that no one asked his father to resign, and that he did so voluntarily.

It’s an enormous responsibility, but excited about the possibility and excited to see Chasten be a father too.

Disparities persisted even when both parents of young children worked in jobs that allowed telecommuting, with mothers reducing their hours more than fathers.

She pretends to be a man and enlists in the army to protect her ailing father.

Ghose says he has been able to work remotely for a company based in New Delhi amid the pandemic, but his father, who works for a manufacturing company with factories near Bangalore, has not fared as well.

There was a rumor that Alessandro and his father had both died; but no one knew anything certainly.