Fatigue [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fatigue:

It’s harder to maintain that work when crisis fatigue sets in, when the world moves on to the next major news event or catastrophe.

Getting the balance between fatigue and fitness right determines how fast you’ll race.

This strategy increases visibility, as people notice a brand more when its ads appear on multiple devices and they seem familiar, plus you allow your audience to interact with your brand through their platform of choice and it prevents ad fatigue.

Notably, if you squeeze a piece of metal over and over, the material is going to fatigue.

She has begun running again, but still battles heavy fatigue.

For Abby Knowles, a headache and fatigue was just the start.

Fatigue he never knew, and on one occasion he was said to have spent thirteen days and nights in the saddle.

He soon experienced an unwonted sense of fatigue, then a drowsy sensation came over him.

And in the midst of his speculations, overpowered by fatigue, he fell asleep, and ate his breakfast next morning very happily.

(b) All those who are under 20 and more than 50 years of age, and who are strong enough to endure the fatigue of a campaign.