Fatigued [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fatigued:

You run through all those scenarios — everything he’s been going through to better understand why he was so fatigued.

He spent the hours before sunrise stalking the decks, looking for fatigued jaegers and shearwaters that see our lights as an island of rest.

At the same time, the public has become increasingly fatigued with the pandemic and all the hindrances it’s produced in everyday life.

Mrs. Armine was fatigued by the journey, and by the long day at Denderah, which had secretly depressed her.

When they reached their home, Madame Phlippon, fatigued with the excursion, retired to her chamber for rest.

Half wet through, and tolerably fatigued, I retired to my couch of dry leaves immediately after partaking of our scanty meal.

The Empress did not come, on account of her recent illness; but the Emperor was there, looking pale, and a little fatigued.

Others go to extremes, and walk for a certain distance, whether they feel fatigued or not by such exertions.

Terribly fatigued, I entered one of the tents directly, in order to rest myself.

I would have stopped her, but she explained to me that when a person was fatigued it was very refreshing.