Fattening [verb]

Definition of Fattening:

grow or make bigger; nourish

Synonyms of Fattening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fattening:

Sentence/Example of Fattening:

Finally, a large, fattened shark emerges from its mother and swims away.

The following table contains a summary of the composition of ten different animals in different stages of fattening.

This fattening process generally produces the desired effect.

The ripe sugar-cane is perhaps the most fattening of vegetables, if we except the oily seeds and grain.

All food is intended to meet the demands of respiration and nutrition, and fattening to a greater or less degree.

The Devon is intelligent, gentle, and tractable; is good for milk, and unsurpassed for the yoke and for fattening.

When softened by being soaked in water, they are food for fattening oxen and sheep.

Stevey Todd, here, he got too interested in helping Bill along in his career, and fattening him up to a high standard.

There is generally considerable variety of stock, but where the fattening of steers is the main object few or no sheep are kept.

I heard Carl tell her before he left not to give them much hemp seed, for that was too fattening.