Fatty [adjective]

Definition of Fatty:

full of adipose tissue

Synonyms of Fatty:

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Sentence/Example of Fatty:

Granular and fatty casts, therefore, always indicate partial or complete disintegration of the renal epithelium.

They present a remarkable appearance; the leaves are fatty and shining, the flowers large and variegated.

A white precipitate was formed and a strong fatty acid odor was developed.

A portion of the precipitate supposed to be a fatty acid was ignited in a porcelain spoon.

The main solution was filtered and the precipitate supposed to be a fatty acid was saved.

This will be acid in reaction and will be precipitated by the addition of water, in which the fatty acids are not soluble.

It must be broken up into a fatty acid and glycerol, and saponified before it can be absorbed.

From furuncle, abscess, and sebaceous, fatty and fibroid tumors.

Fatty Harris, as master cook, visibly hastened the operations.

"Not together—not together," said the dismal voice of Fatty Harris.