Fault [noun]

Definition of Fault:

blame, sin; mistake

Opposite/Antonyms of Fault:

Sentence/Example of Fault:

The emergency pivot to remote learning for K–12 students last spring illuminated longstanding educational fault lines in the United States.

They had definitely gone through various stages of believing it was their fault, that they were silly to have believed him.

Throughout the scandal – and resulting budget cuts – Janney insisted the problems were not her fault and that she could steer the district back to financial stability.

That finding hints that CO2 rising toward Earth’s surface can change pressure along faults to trigger earthquakes, researchers report online August 26 in Science Advances.

That said, the primary process can still reveal different fault lines in the party.

Some may find fault with me for even writing this op-ed and that is ok.

Despite the president finding faults with Fox, the conservative network has been a reliable ally throughout his first term, especially via its prime-time lineup.

At some point, that seal broke, and the groundwater was able to seep into one of the faults, triggering the first quakes.

We are blasting communities to dust and then pretending like we’re not and pretending like it’s their fault, and pretending that somehow it’s unreasonable to be upset about your way of life getting destroyed.

You never cared—you were too proud to care; and when I spoke to you about my fault, you did n't even know what I meant.