Faultlessly [adverb]

Definition of Faultlessly:

exactly, fittingly

Synonyms of Faultlessly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Faultlessly:

Sentence/Example of Faultlessly:

A marvel of manly strength and grace and beauty, thirty years of age or so, and faultlessly dressed.

He lounged about the station platform and the town p. 25displaying his faultlessly fitting fashionable clothes.

There were the “swell mobsmen,” the camorristi who dressed faultlessly and mixed with and levied fines on people of highest rank.

Still all about his person was faultlessly neat, and perfectly respectable.

Never in all her life had she seen work so faultlessly done, and the beauty of it was like that of visions in a dream.

It was Aldo—Aldo with a square beard and a dangling eyeglass, hat in hand, and faultlessly attired.

One of the prettiest in the world, wonderfully dressed, exquisitely marceled, faultlessly manicured.

No linen could have been more faultlessly laundered than Jerome's; no serviette more neatly folded.

Perhaps there had been a shade too much cocksureness in the hakim's voice, but he acted faultlessly when he answered.

The work was published and has become one of his most beloved, as it is one of his most faultlessly beautiful compositions.