Faultlessness [noun]

Definition of Faultlessness:

achievement, completeness

Opposite/Antonyms of Faultlessness:

Sentence/Example of Faultlessness:

He is the only poet that never shocks; the only poet whose faultlessness has been made his reproach.

Even the highest were not accompanied with spiritual faultlessness.

His diction is almost unfailingly good; indeed, it is the very regularity and faultlessness of his verse that sometimes jars.

His entourage also was faultless; and the general faultlessness of everything had made her married life very perfect.

Purity of conception and faultlessness of workmanship were still the desiderata of music.

He has just that air and reputation of faultlessness that gives me the spleen.

This is, however, a mistake; his excellence is by no means faultlessness.

He cannot; but this much he can—to be ever straining towards faultlessness.

He was a stranger, evidently; a stranger with a high regard for the faultlessness of male attire, too.

Here our faults dissociate us more or less from our brethren; faultlessness there will make the union complete.