Faults [noun]

Definition of Faults:

blame, sin; mistake

Opposite/Antonyms of Faults:

Sentence/Example of Faults:

I came here, as I supposed, a fairly good Christian, with an average amount of piety and an average number of faults.

It was wise in him to do so, and thus to draw men's thoughts from Planner's faults to his own unquestioned merits.

Still, though he had committed great faults, he had shown a surprising ability in extricating himself from their consequences.

Nevertheless (through too much kindness), all these faults were pardoned after they had been looked into.

He should give the bailee notice of all the faults in the thing bailed that would expose him to danger or loss in keeping it.

Do not be continually watching for faults, that you may display your own superior wisdom in correcting them.

If those who were his equals would have none of him because of his father's faults, then he would not seek them.

And their common father had never seen aught but the faults of Marius and the virtues of Florimond.

Doubtless he had felt it incumbent on himself to sing my praises, for he had always been blind to my faults.

Whatever might have been their faults, or even their crimes, in other countries, in these their conduct had been exemplary.