Faunas [noun]

Definition of Faunas:

animal world

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Sentence/Example of Faunas:

A pruner should be your go-tool for trimming and shaping your flora and fauna while preserving plant tissue and extending the life of your greenery.

The land holds some of the best-preserved Apache archaeological sites, as well as untouched flora and fauna like old-growth trees and threatened species like ocelots, which Redniss draws in realistic detail.

In Brazil, for instance, an app allows residents to report dead and afflicted fauna in hopes of identifying emerging outbreaks.

I kept my word and now I am beginning to make acquaintance with the flora and fauna of my little wood.

The fauna is not abundant except in large mammals, which are very numerous on the drier steppes.

It was obviously unfair to expect her to be familiar with the flora and fauna of every part of the great Australian Continent.

In the fauna of the region that I had traversed I had noted changes corresponding to those in the flora.

I may conclude this chapter by a brief view of the Fauna of the higher vertebral animals.

More lengthened information respecting them may be found in the "Fauna Peruana."

These early references indicate that direct effects of settlement on the native flora and fauna were recognized early.