Fawn [noun]

Definition of Fawn:

baby deer

Synonyms of Fawn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fawn:


Sentence/Example of Fawn:

They found coyotes are also helping regulate urban deer populations by preying on fawns.

On a recent Sunday, Rivera greeted regulars and fawned over their dogs as they arrived to pick up orders of a sold-out whole-roasted pig, big-as-your-head chicharrones, and arroz con garbanzos.

The underside, however, is different, as the extremity of the upper wings and the whole of the under wings are of a fawn colour.

Doggy men are freemasons, and I soon opened the conversation by speaking of the pretty fawn.

But he was the very opposite of the vulgar crowd of courtiers who fawn on a master while they betray him.

The spotted fawn, the musk-deer, gazelles and antelopes, all seemed to answer the call of the music.

Faster and faster Greedy Fawn stirred the boiling porridge, for it began to swell and fill the kettle.

White Fawn, their mother, was baking corn bread on the coals of the wigwam fire.

Now Greedy Fawn could not reach across the kettle, to stir the porridge with his stick, so he began to run around it.

Two barouches, each drawn by four magnificent horses driven by postilions in fawn-coloured satin jackets, followed the hunters.