Fawned [verb]

Definition of Fawned:

ingratiate oneself to; serve

Synonyms of Fawned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fawned:

Sentence/Example of Fawned:

He fawned upon and tried to flatter his brother; but he drank more whiskey than ever.

As for the plodding, inky sycophants who fawned upon Mr. Cray's informativeness, Michael regarded them with horror and contempt.

I fawned on her, and wagged myself about, and opened and shut my mouth, but no sound came out of it.

So they fawned on the twin-girls, taking up a good deal of their attention; and by and by the dinner came to an end.

Not that the elder one fawned, which would have been fearful; she only renounced—whatever she had to renounce.

I continued, as the poor creature still fawned on me; 'all kindness is lost upon me.

The Airedale, hearing Hals step, got up and fawned against him.

And as they passed their master, Ezra noted that they crouched and fawned.

The house-dog knew him and did not bark at him, and ran and fawned on him.

He relaxed his fingers with a caress; and the animal fawned on him.