Faxes [noun]

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You can use these gadgets to not only print but scan, copy, and fax your documents.

Yow went to bed at the men’s Final Four in Atlanta not knowing Frese’s decision, but she got up in the middle of the night with the faxed agreement slipped under her door.

Researchers had to sort through texts, faxes, case reports in foreign languages and whatever else they could get their hands on, all the while worrying about where that data was coming from and how accurate it was.

Forget digital interoperability standards—a lot of American doctors still rely on fax machines to send records.

His troops, and about nine hundred of his friends, went on board the British vessels in the harbor, and sailed off to Hali-fax.

He says, when peeple cums to know all the true fax of the case, they'll willingly pay dubble price for tea-total Waiters.

Fax is the general expression for any sort of torch; tda is a natural pine torch; funale, an artificial wax-torch.

Fax mentis honest gloria—Glory is the torch of an honourable mind.

Fax mentis incendium glori—The flame of glory is the torch of the mind.

Early in the morning of the first of January, the Fax-populi assemble together, carrying stangs and baskets.