Fazed [verb]

Definition of Fazed:


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Sentence/Example of Fazed:

She's just rollin' out o' th' feathers, an' she's quite enough for me—always has me fazed to a frazzle.

Sure, but this guy's got her fazed—she thinks he's square all right—she'll trust him an' then—s'posin' he ain't?

Pat held his watch in his hand and looked very ugly, but nothing fazed Billy.

"Why, he's jes carryin' on same es he allus does; hit nevur fazed him," Lin assured the mother.

It never fazed me then, but seems like it's showing up now, and Doc says I can expect these little cat fits every now'n again.

Las' summeh's sun neveh fazed it 'cept to sog it down all the mo' solid.

Of course those things never fazed Kate, and she was just on the top notch all the time, and going day and night.