Fearfully [adverb]

Definition of Fearfully:

in fear

Synonyms of Fearfully:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fearfully:


Sentence/Example of Fearfully:

By a strange fatality, they were generally purblind, and always shyed most fearfully when an Opposition coach approached them.

The sixth and last round, is described by the pressman and compositors, as having been fearfully scientific.

"To your chamber, mademoiselle," he whispered fearfully, and he pointed to the door of the inner room.

That tires her awfully, and makes her fearfully cross; so that father and I keep all little worries to ourselves that we can.

As Irvin seized her hands and looked at her eagerly, half-fearfully, Rita achieved sufficient composure to speak.

Shortly after this the youngest apprentice went below, and found the ill-used lad standing on a locker, and gibbering fearfully.

Those faithful to the covenant of the priesthood are approved, while the desecrators thereof are fearfully condemned.

Well, the old cat was fearfully cut up by the news of the engagement.

When he had gone, the young man felt strangely lonely and fearfully depressed.

The consumptive bends over his work, fearfully eyeing the keeper's measuring stick.