Fearfulness [noun]

Definition of Fearfulness:


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Sentence/Example of Fearfulness:

It felt like people were excited for the future, not fearful for the days to come.

According to former employees, Morse said that Great Big Story was doing fine and that employees had no reason to be fearful.

Texas is one of five states that will prevent people fearful of contracting or spreading the virus from voting by mail unless they meet other qualifications.

People are fearful for their lives, fearful for the future of their families.

State and local Republicans, fearful of losing what has long been a key turnout advantage for the GOP, spent the past few months racing to reassure voters that voting by mail was safe, despite the president’s rhetoric.

Carriedo-Ceniceros is also concerned about a wave of children who won’t be vaccinated because their parents are fearful of coming to the doctor’s office during the pandemic.

One reason the Covid-19 crisis has proven to be extremely difficult for many businesses is that customers are worried about their safety—and so are fearful of stepping out.

According to the complaint, the father told agents that he was fearful of returning to Mexico, but once again agents did not take any action to set up the legally required non-refoulement interview, the complaint reads.

There’s something inherent about the thing that is presented when the heart is beating which is more fearful.

Other findings in the survey suggest that this Resisting group are also particularly fearful about the future impact of the lockdown on them personally.