Fearlessly [adverb]

Definition of Fearlessly:


Synonyms of Fearlessly:

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Sentence/Example of Fearlessly:

Thank you, Cloris, for your wonderful work and fearless life.

Yet reliable decision-making, efficient three-point shooting and a fearless personality have made him a crucial late-game contributor.

She’s bold and fearless, leaning into her “wild desire” for a different kind of life.

Her face was grey as the one from which she drew the merciful coverings, but her eyes went fearlessly to that which she sought.

One day he remarked fearlessly: I am sure of this—Serov has more talent for composition than Wagner.

June's bonnet was down, her hair was tossed, her eyes were sparkling fearlessly, and her face was flushed with joy.

He returned fearlessly; entered the reception room—and was shot dead from behind a grating.

We fearlessly assert, not only that we can, but that the miracles are not an essential part of his doctrine.

The runaways came out from their hiding-places when they saw the Yankees, and advanced fearlessly with open countenances.

We leave him lying stiffly on his solemn fourpost bed, with his keen, proud face turned fearlessly towards his Maker.