Fearsome [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fearsome:

That means that the shark would have been about 2 meters long at birth — large enough for even a newborn to be a fearsome foe in the seas, the scientists conclude.

At 53, the former multi-year world heavyweight champion appeared as fearsome as ever.

My fearsome reputation is really based on awful traffic in California’s giant urban regions.

It is a fearsome thing for a man to be left alone in the dead of night with a young baby.

A fearsome thunderstorm or howling tornado of dust might reveal her fickleness of mood at any moment.

When he was interviewed, fearsome in manner as he was, he sent the worm away packed with ideas and phrases.

A fearsome struggle would surge around that tower where the British flag was flying.

What might be of a disturbing nature in the old farmhouse could not, she thought, be as fearsome as the approaching tempest.

In no place on that fearsome bend was the road visible for more than a dozen feet ahead.

He used both hands with awful severity; and in short, he was one of the most fearsome wild beasts ever allowed to remain at large.