Feasibility [noun]

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“It’s precisely why we’re conducting this feasibility study,” Kerl wrote, referring to a pipeline economic feasibility study that Water Authority members will vote on Thursday.

However, she said, the state is doing its own “monorail feasibility study” that will be released later this fall.

With regards to feasibility, construction of the cabin does not require any special materials, according to Young.

A growing number of startups seem to think they can do things faster and cheaper, but judging the feasibility of these private endeavors has proven challenging.

This adds a level of feasibility to the panspermia theory, which proposes that life on Earth is the child of a distant parent.

Obviously, there’s never a free lunch, and these ideas have attracted lots of scrutiny because of their side effects and feasibility.

“Long-lived individuals, through their very existence, have established the physiological feasibility of living beyond the ninth decade in relatively good health and ending life without a period of protracted illness,” the authors wrote.

The feasibility report recommends Switzerland or Norway, possibly even alongside or within the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Its feasibility appeared to him unquestioned, and to it he gave a hearty and unqualified approval.

The doubt which she had cast upon the feasibility of his scheme heightened after the victrola was introduced into the flat.