Feasible [adjective]

Definition of Feasible:

possible, doable

Synonyms of Feasible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feasible:

Sentence/Example of Feasible:

It was yet again a demonstration of the ways in which it’s not feasible to pretend like the world of social media is somehow completely divorced from the rest of our reality.

For now, Gloria is stuck mulling where cuts – and investments – are feasible.

The four mathematicians made the hunt feasible through two main innovations.

That is not even very feasible in some areas of the world that have limited electricity supply.

Eight years later, Google has decided that a network of flying Internet balloons is indeed not a feasible idea.

Perhaps it was less feasible then, and perhaps he’d have a different view today, but it’s not necessarily inevitable once roles are reversed.

This can increase an animal’s habitat even when protecting lots more land isn’t feasible.

As such, it seems all but certain that demand for beauty tech will continue well into the future, even as traditional in-store buying experiences once again become feasible.

Relocation might have been feasible 30 years ago, when there were only four hippos.

Given the coach’s track record, that plan even seems feasible.