Feasted [noun]

Definition of Feasted:

banquet and celebration

Synonyms of Feasted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feasted:


Sentence/Example of Feasted:

In deep water, where relatively few animals live, the feast may last for years.

One day, she wins the lottery, and instead of using the money to finally go back home, she uses it to prepare a lavish feast in honor of the sect’s founder.

A feast of comedies, dramas, documentaries, and more to stream at home.

Here are 10 great films you can stream about feasts, food, family, and what cooking and eating teach us about being human.

Eager as ad buyers were for major sports like the NBA and NFL to return to TV, many were anxious about how the volume of sports on TV going from famine to feast would affect viewership.

In both cases the decision was made at a feast, and in favour of the one who “loved much.”

They were just about to celebrate tabagie, or a solemn feast, over his last farewell.

In the spring of 1880 she went again to Paris, only to "feast on things artistic."

Death comes in, the bread at the feast turns black, the hound falls down—and so on.

But strangest of all the dishes at the Tagal's feast was one prepared from a kind of beetle.