Featherbrain [noun]

Definition of Featherbrain:

person who blunders

Synonyms of Featherbrain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Featherbrain:

Sentence/Example of Featherbrain:

That such a revulsion should occur in the nature of a gadabout and featherbrain like this girl, is not unnatural.

France will be prettily governed by a featherbrain, who has such whims.

She thought, the featherbrain, that she was entering the Leaf-cutters house!

I was always laughing and skipping about like a featherbrain.

You I can trust; but she is a bit of a featherbrain, and one never knows what may happen.

Quoth Mistress Featherbrain, 'And who chastised you thus?' '