Featherweight [adjective]

Definition of Featherweight:

not heavy

Opposite/Antonyms of Featherweight:

Sentence/Example of Featherweight:

This featherweight tablet comes with a stand that can prop the screen up into laptop mode, lower it into a 15-degree angle for studio mode, and kick the stand out for a freestanding tablet.

"I had no idea Americans were so romantic," said Lady Sellingworth, with just a touch of featherweight malice.

She seemed only a featherweight when the bewildered doctor helped her to alight—an undoubted sprite and creature of romance.

I am not as strong as I once was so I bought a featherweight one.

Fancy that little featherweight saying, "O khansamah jee" to my bloodthirsty Mir Khan!

He held out his arm, but grew tired long before they reached his trap: Dane was no featherweight, and he leaned upon him heavily.

Even Aurora could have raised him, and he was a featherweight in the arms of such a creature as Regina.

Leonora lifted her up—she was the merest featherweight—and laid her on the bed with her hair about her.

Live Wire Luiz cried; for, though a featherweight physically, he was possessed of the courage of an Alexander.

Light "featherweight" models designed for long flights when travelling with the wind should be launched with it.