Feathery [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Feathery:

Fresh tarragon and Comte cheese inform his soft gnocchi, gathered with diced squash and feathery maitake mushrooms and finished with more grated cheese, which melts to form a delicious web over the dish.

They formed narrow, feathery bands in the sky oriented from southwest to northeast.

The LisHawk follows in the feathery footsteps of a similar robo-bird called the PigeonBot, which debuted back in January.

The team later took photographs and TikTok videos with the tiny feathery guest before letting it fly on its way.

When rapidly deposited, as by artificial precipitation, triple phosphate often takes feathery, star- or leaf-like forms.

It was about a foot high with branching leaves and a fine feathery white flower.

Tussocks of feathery grass covered the rough surface of the ground, and out of these the larks soared into the hate of sunshine.

A little distance off, the feathery branches of a larch waved softly to and fro in the scarcely perceptible night-breeze.

On their poles in their house all the White Wyandottes perched like feathery balls, their heads sunk low on their breasts.

On the eastern fluttered gauzy veils, feathery fans, blazing brocade of Mosul, and kerchiefs of Kufa.