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Limiting contextual links to informational sites and journalistic publications may prevent featured snippets from becoming a battleground within the greater arena of the search results page.

Before the Bills beat Indianapolis and Baltimore in these playoffs, their last postseason victory came in 1995, when Jim Kelly was their quarterback and Andre Reed their featured wideout.

When Google featured it on the featured snippet, the number of clicks and the CTR was much higher than usual.

Google made it easier to locate featured snippet text on the page it lives on by formally launching a highlighting feature that it had been testing for years.

This is extremely impressive and shows that the featured snippet steals a substantial amount of clicks from the top position, which would get around 26% CTR in SERPs without a featured snippet.

Optimizing a post to rank for a featured snippet can be tricky.

Some of MeWe’s featured pages include conservative news organizations The Epoch Times and Newsmax along with mass media news organizations like The New York Times and The BBC.

Google this week began testing showing multiple contextual links within a single featured snippet result.

The focus is usually on offering short and precise answers to the user query and if your listing can do that while optimizing for long-tail keywords, it can rank on featured snippets.

Decor in the featured interiors reflects Paris, Tokyo, Portugal, Mexico City and other locales.