Featureless [adjective]

Definition of Featureless:


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Sentence/Example of Featureless:

The distance it can see shrinks, and thus its world grows more and more featureless.

Hands stronger or weaker than this by the value of a king or less may be described as featureless.

His young heroes are sometimes reckoned rather feeble and featureless.

Just one or two minute black featureless figures of men toiled amidst these monster shapes.

Two glowing arms raised up, and then an almost featureless face.

The screen turned featureless gray as the pickups stared blindly into some dimensionless noplace.

Its great height of nearly 100 feet is quite unbroken from foundations to summit, and the flat buttresses are featureless.

It had filled out; it had bloomed in her happiness; it was shadowless, featureless almost, like a flower.

To him nothing wore a neutral tint, and no man or woman was featureless.

Into the cage-room they had just quitted a car was coming, its featureless front gliding noiselessly along the track.