Fecund [adjective]

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The more religion appeals to the senses, the more fecund has been the vocabulary of oaths.

They are conceived of fecund nods and looks, of the germination of writing and initials and signatures and contract-stamps.

A new sense came to her, not altogether depressing, of life's fecund possibility for unhappiness.

And this sea also pleases me by the treasures of fecund life which I know to abound in its dark depths.

Besides, a science made solely in view of applications is impossible; truths are fecund only if bound together.

The most fecund region for early essays in the nascent national art lay between Senlis and Noyon.

He began with the fecund idea of motion, the stars in their orbits, man engendering man.

Clovers yield several cuttings each year in this fecund territory.

A rich and fecund land, held originally in big estates, now beginning to be cut up into the smaller farms of the fruit growers.

In recollection it appears more fecund in possibilities than any other opportunity ever enjoyed.