Fecundity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fecundity:

In “Outlawed,” marriages are celebrated for their fecundity, and mothers of lots of children enjoy considerable social power.

The wearing of orange blossoms is said to have started with the Saracens, who regarded them as emblems of fecundity.

The Nile contributes to fecundity more than other rivers, and among other animals of large bulk, produces the amphibious kind.

The tapeti resembles the hare in its manner of living, fecundity, and quality of its flesh, which is excellent food.

It is the broad difference between industry and inspiration, between fecundity and pregnancy, between Jonson and Shakspere.

The fecundity of nature, and the infinite wisdom of the Creator, always surpass our feeble conceptions.

Immediately, as if fecundity were the reward of correctness, the German theatre became filled with true and living characters.

The Empress has been connected with the ideas of universal fecundity and in a general sense with activity.

Mr. Seward has always possessed that varied fecundity of expression for which Mr. Webster was admired.

She is above all things universal fecundity and the outer sense of the Word.