Federated [verb]

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My duty is to the citizens of the federated governments, and I cannot uselessly sacrifice more lives.

In these days of get-together movements denominational leaders should think clearly with reference to "federated" churches.

This is why the Methodist Episcopal Church, for example, has developed so little sympathy for the "federated" church idea.

The tribes were united under a single leader, and the loosely federated clans became a kingdom.

On becoming a federated city, it retained its institutions and senate.

The nation was composed of three bands, federated under one chief.

They stood on a street-corner in Philadelphia, the new headquarters of the army of the federated governments.

Meanwhile, the federated army dug itself in and prepared for the attack that was now believed certain.

Rubber has been the chief cause of the decline of coffee industry in the Federated Malay States.

Federated Australia introduced parliamentary womans suffrage in 1902.