Fedora [noun]

Definition of Fedora:

covering for the head

Synonyms of Fedora:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fedora:


Sentence/Example of Fedora:

Johnny the Itch pulled nervously at the wide-brimmed fedora jerked down on his bony skull.

Johnny the Itch fingered away sweat that rolled down from under his fedora and nodded obediently.

He wore a high crowned, pearl grey fedora, set squarely on his head and his fleecy coat had heavily padded shoulders.

Fedora sauntered slowly around the rooms, leaning over and staking a gold plaque here and there.

Fedora glanced at the watch upon her wrist and held out her hand to Lady Weybourne.

By degrees Fedora, too, came back to earth and they had a very gay little tea-party.

Fedora was inclined to be silent at first, but Lady Weybourne was quite content to chatter.

"I guess I'll take Fedora over for our honeymoon," Richard decided softly.

On the terrace, holding a pair of field-glasses in her hand and gazing intently out to sea, was Fedora.

Severe critics of her undoubted beauty had ventured at times to say that Fedora's face lacked expression.