Feedback [noun]

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After the beta received positive feedback, the pair expanded to a full-scale operation.

And, at the moment, there seems to be no surefire way for Google to transform these signals into rankings, except to read the feedback of their quality raters before each algorithm update.

This will require you to ask visitors for feedback, experiment with different messaging options, and regularly review your analytics, among other things.

The tax base declines and the school system and civic services falter, creating a negative feedback loop that pushes more people to leave.

She said she’ll do that in part by making the community panels diverse and representative of the Oceanside community and listening to their feedback.

Because I think that this is an opportunity to illuminate some of the cultural thinking around feedback.

That plane—still a work in progress in California—is intended to be a demonstrator craft that NASA will fly over the US to gauge public feedback in response to what the agency refers to as the plane’s “thump,” or quiet sonic boom.

In a statement, Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s office confirmed that the devices had been completely turned off based on “clear feedback” from other elected officials and community members.

Essentially, school officials will work to interpret the various metrics they’re tracking, while also getting feedback from the UCSD panel about whether they are interpreting the signs correctly, he said.

Onyx uses your phone’s camera to capture your motion, track reps and pace, and provide real-time feedback on your form.