Feeder [noun]

Definition of Feeder:

comedian who sets up joke

Synonyms of Feeder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feeder:


Sentence/Example of Feeder:

Cats that started using puzzle feeders actually brought home more wildlife.

There’s also a risk of the disease being transferred from one bird species to another due to the intermingling that occurs at feeders — something that’s rare in nature.

Stigma sanctioned by GOP bottom feeders like Pence is a major factor behind those tragic deaths.

Five minutes later, the hummingbird flew to the feeder and Bruce shut the door.

University Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard and their feeder streets can’t be widened.

One feeder inevitably becomes more because it’s wonderfully easy and enjoyable.

Simply making the playoffs — or just getting into the play-in tournament for the final seed — will be a task with several bottom-feeder Eastern Conference teams looking much improved.

For blood feeders to feed without their meal knowing about it is a tricky one, but it is also essential that predacious flies are not damaged by their meal.

Fill up a kong toy or use a puzzle feeder to keep the entertainment going while you’re outside of the home.

It is the Book of Howth which accuses Sidney of being a ‘lusty feeder and surfeiter.’