Feeler [noun]

Definition of Feeler:

anything that investigates by touch

Synonyms of Feeler:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feeler:


Sentence/Example of Feeler:

So for the past few years, Gordon has put out feelers to institutions to take over Lynne’s life’s work.

All those cells allow these flexible feelers to operate almost on their own.

While the company had once discussed an IPO, by 2016 it began putting out feelers for buyers.

So he started walking dogs, putting feelers out and getting people.

He threw out this last suggestion as a kind of feeler; and then suddenly made the plunge.

A mild electrical shock coursed through his body, as if an invisible feeler had passed over him.

The feeler had all but touched Quade, and with the closeness of his escape, the remnants of his courage gave.

It's feeler rays, Dr. Lee; the first wave, low penetration surface rays.

The huge disk with the feeler-ray antennae sank down close to his chest, heavy as the keystone upon a tomb.

Underneath each ray, near the tip, is a little feeler (or tentacle) and a little eye spot.