Fees [noun]

Definition of Fees:

charge for service or privilege

Synonyms of Fees:

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Sentence/Example of Fees:

Government grants amount to about two-thirds of the income, the balance being raised by public subscription and from fees.

Just raise the fees and we can pay the higher rent, remarked another girl, briskly.

The many thousands of admission fees every year no doubt form a fund which will keep this good work going indefinitely.

Their reward is the local prestige which they enjoy and the litigantsʼ fees, and happily their services are not in daily request.

You are an expert appraiser of art, and you take good fees from various dealers.

The very high fees you sent me for my easy tasks forced me to this conclusion.

The roads here began to be better, and there were bungalows to be had on payment of the ordinary fees.

The highest limit was fixed at £5, but the fees actually paid were generally sums varying from 6d.

School fees are charged, and grants-in-aid are made to elementary schools.

My little consideration, my wish to prepare her, has turned out well; besides, I have received double fees for this coming week.