Feet [noun]

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Everything the Sixers do on defense revolves around his ability — through his unique combination of size, quick feet and basketball IQ — to both control the paint and wall off the path to the rim.

Stagger your feet heel to toe, with the top foot in front of the bottom foot.

He reached forward and took her hands, and if Mrs. Vivian had come in she would have seen him kneeling at her daughter's feet.

Moreover, most of the burrows were only a few feet apart and no agonistic behavior was witnessed.

Before the spinet a bench was placed about four feet below the keys, and I was put upon the bench.

We all rose to our feet, and he shook hands with everybody without waiting to be introduced.

He is rather tall and narrow, and wears a long abb's coat reaching nearly down to his feet.

There was a lathe near the spot where David Arden stood, and shavings and splinters under his feet.

Her feet felt rooted to the floor in the wonder and doubt of this strange occurrence.

His strong legs and his broad, spade-like feet helped to make him a fine swimmer.